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Customer Story: NOVI

NOVI gets cybersecurity graduates into work faster with HTB

Sep 17



  • NOVI’s short-course now sees 87% of students get jobs in cybersecurity

  • 450% growth in class numbers since introduction of HTB Labs

  • Improvement of final grade scores and employment rate after graduation


Their Story

NOVI is the oldest university for applied sciences in IT in the Netherlands. Founded in 1958, the university was at the forefront of the third industrial revolution, contributing to automation in industry in the country. Now knowledge experts in IT, they provide flexible and accessible courses in everything from cybersecurity to business informatics and software development.


Their Goal

Arjen Wiersma is a professor at NOVI and leads the curriculum for cybersecurity and software development at the university. His courses combine theoretical and practical learning in cybersecurity, and Arjen was on the lookout for the most engaging and accessible practice labs for his students to apply theory to real-life situations.


Their  Solution

After reviewing the market for solutions, Arjen chose Hack The Box’s Dedicated Labs. The breadth of content, machines and challenges on offer was a big plus, as well as regular updates and additions to the gamified content.

"It allows them to practice real-world techniques in a safe environment before going into the world and performing analysis on live subjects.”
- Arjen Wiersma, Professor of Cybersecurity, NOVI


Their Success



  • Significant reduction in time and money required to set up labs for technical training.

  • A 450% increase in class size since the introduction of practical training labs.


For Students

  • Improved average grades for Bachelors degree students since introduction of labs.

  • Increased percentage of students securing roles in cybersecurity after graduation.

  • 87% of short course students get a job in cybersecurity.


“Hack The Box has allowed Hogeschool NOVI to enrich its cybersecurity curriculum with a broad spectrum of training machines to take the materials from theory to practice. The students form a valuable community in our dedicated environment and challenge each other to become better, adding a gaming element to cybersecurity education.”
- Arjen Wiersma, Professor of Cybersecurity, NOVI



Products Used


Hack The Box Dedicated Labs

  • Private lab environment and VPN server

  • Admin management

  • New content added every week


Hack The Box for Business helps hundreds of universities like NOVI to attract, train, develop and engage cybersecurity students in a single platform, and we can do it for you too. Get in touch to see how we can help:


Hack The Box trains the world’s best hackers through our online training platform and rapidly growing hacking community of more than 650,000 members worldwide. The platform allows users to practice and level up their cybersecurity skills through a hands-on, self-paced, and gamified learning experience. From hundreds of constantly updated virtual hacking labs to a plethora of interactive courses at HTB Academy, Hack The Box is on a mission to upscale the cybersecurity capabilities of every professional and organization in the world by making cybersecurity training accessible to everyone.


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