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Train your team through labs that simulate realistic corporate scenarios!

Hack The Box Professional Labs: Realistic red team training for companies

Realistic corporate scenarios

Professional Labs are training labs simulating real-world scenarios, giving participants a chance to penetrate enterprise infrastructures. Your cybersecurity team can pick any of our scenarios, own it, and prove their skills with a certificate of completion.

Hack The Box Professional Labs: Gamified cybersecurity training experience for IT teams

Gamified Environment, For Your Team Only

A fully gamified environment with points, badges, ranks, leaderboards that all make the training experience fun and truly engaging.

Hack The Box Professional Labs: Real-world scenarios, advanced corporate infrastructure

Real-World Scenarios, Advanced Corporate Infrastructure

Multi-machine labs and corporate-level networks that will introduce your employees to real-world penetration testing and cybersecurity problems.

Hack The Box Professional Labs: Advanced team management

Value-Added Admin Capabilities & Features

Full control of your training lab with advanced user administration tools, user reporting, and lab management in a single pane of glass.

Key features & highlights

A set of features that make Professional Labs ideal for the entire CyberSec squad of any organization that wants to be attack-ready. From the Manager/Administrator to the Team/Players.


Scenario Rotation

A flexible, unified subscription. Pick any scenario and swap from one to another.

Dedicated Hall of Fame

Visible only by the members of the lab. Who in your team strives to reach the top?

Guidance & Documentation

Fully documented write-ups will guide you and your team step by step.

Private VPN Server

A dedicated VPN gateway will ensure privacy and high performance.

Guest User Accounts

Ability to create temporary credentials for guest users & dummy accounts.

Full Business & Technical Support

Your dedicated Account Manager and our technical team will always be there to help.

Lab Redeployment

Redeploy the whole lab on demand to restore it to its original state.

Content Updates

Periodical content additions and enhancements will keep your employees alerted.

Certificate of Completion

Successful scenario completion? Get your cyber security team certified!

The scenarios

Five ready-to-play scenarios. Which one would you like your team to start with?

Multiple Machines

The labs are a masterclass in pivoting and lateral movement.

Realistic Scenarios

The skills learned here are directly applicable to real-life engagements.

Simulated Users

Leverage interactive users to help you move laterally and vertically.

Advanced Infrastructure

Hone your offensive tradecraft and gain experience with the latest TTPs.

Get your team certified

Employee certificates and a company-wide one will await at the end of any successful scenario completion.

Get your team certified
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What cyber teams say about Professional Labs

Tech teams all around the world utilize Professional Labs as part of their continuous training and need of readiness towards a real-life attack.

Professional Labs FAQ

At a minimum, Professional Labs provide 10 user seats. Practically, there is no maximum number of users, as we typically set up multiple training lab instances for a company/organization to ensure frictionless operation and seamless experience.
Although all scenarios require a certain experience in red teaming or penetration testing, Dante and Offshore provide an excellent opportunity for beginners and junior members to take part in Professional Labs, learn new skills, and advance their careers. The learning curve has a nice progression and many techniques throughout the lab can be used in real-world engagements.
Yes. This is certainly doable. Organizations that have a Professional Lab dedicated environment, can switch between scenarios. However, we recommend keeping a Pro Lab scenario for at least a period of 6 months, in order to benefit from our lab updates.
Yes. Professional Labs customers get access to the official write-ups. In order to get the official write-ups (which are available ONLY for customers of Professional Labs), please contact our sales team at [email protected] We request our clients to go through an NDA process to get the official write-ups.

Get started with Professional Labs

Professional Labs is currently available for enterprise customers of all sizes. Please view the steps below and fill out the form to get in touch with our sales team.

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