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Hack The Box :: Company Enrollment

Become a part of Hack The Box

By joining your company to hack the box you have the ability to post your job offerings, search for talent that is looking for job, compete against other companies or members and showcase your brand inside our community through your dedicated mini-page.
Check out the Testimonials section to see what our members say about us.

What will you get?

Company Mini-Page

By joining you will have your own mini-page inside Hack The Box including a link to your website, your logo and a company description. Inside the mini-page our members will also be able to find any active job offerings you have posted.

Through the mini-page you can also post your product descriptions or links for further information.

Post Job Offerings

You will be able to post job offerings that the entire member-base of Hack The Box will be able to view. Each job offering that you post can be set to target a specific level of candidate and above based on their rank on Hack The Box.

Talent Search

Through the talent search you will be able to find members that are actively looking for job and request them to send you contact details.

Talent search can filter by Rank and Country to target only the members required.

Company Fortress

As a company you will be able to submit to us your own vulnerable VM containing several flags for the members to practice or prove their pen-testing skills. Upon collecting all the flags (solving all of your challenges) the members will be rewarded a badge stating your acknowledgement.

Cancel Anytime

Billing is monthly and you can cancel your subscription anytime. There are no minimum contract periods. Upon cancellation you will be automatically removed at your current month's end.

Enroll Company (£90.00GBP/Month)

Or contact us at [email protected] for more information.