2nd HBG Live Streamed Tournament by HTB & ExpressVPN

7 Sep 2021

We are excited to announce our second Hacking Battlegrounds streamed tournament, sponsored by ExpressVPN. Are you ready for the battle? ⚔️

During our first tournament, we invited our Hall Of Fame players to battle until the last exploit. What about now? Well, the next ultimate cyber warrior could be you! We are officially opening our call for players: if you want to be part of our next line-up, make sure to read the information below and fill the form.

About the Tournament:

  • Saturday, October 2nd, 2021 at 12 - 3.30 PM UTC.
  • Live streaming on Twitch.
  • Exclusive NEW machines.
  • Cyber Mayhem game mode (1vs1).
  • Hosted and commented by IppSec and John Hammond!
  • £4,474 in prizes!

Who can join:
📣 Our call for players is open to all Hack The Box users above “Pro Hacker” rank. We are looking for 16 rockstars who are ready to test their skills in the ultimate cyber battle. If you are one of them, you have time until Friday 10th of September at 18.00 UTC to fill the form below. The HTB Community Team will go through the applications and reach out with all the rest of the information and guidelines.

The Prep:
All players will be given unlimited HBG matches for free till the day of the event to train and prepare like there is no tomorrow. The Community Team will add the players in a private Discord channel so you can meet your opponents, train together and have fun! 

The prizes:
Every player participating in the tournament will be rewarded with a prize. But will you make it to the top and get the Grand Winner title? The prize list is powered by ExpressVPN and Hack The Box. 

Grand Final Prizes
Grand Winner: £2,000 cash & £100 HTB Swag Card
2nd position: £1,000 cash & £100 HTB Swag Card

Semi-Finals Prizes
3rd - 4th position: £100 HTB Swag Card & £200 Amazon Gift Card

Quarter-Finals Prizes
5th - 8th position: £50 HTB Swag Card & £100 Amazon Gift Card

First Round Prizes
9th - 16th position: £50 HTB Swag Card

But there’s more! The top 4 contestants will be invited to have a 1-1 session with the Head of Cybersecurity at ExpressVPN

"At ExpressVPN we take security seriously, but we like to have fun doing it. We’ve always been impressed with the way Hack The Box promotes professional development and learning in a fun, gamified environment. We’re proud to be supporting this competition, and share HTB’s commitment to improving industry knowledge and capabilities. We hope that Hacking Battlegrounds inspires people to be part of improving the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape."
- Aaron Engel, Head of Cybersecurity @ ExpressVPN

Founded in 2009, ExpressVPN is one of the world’s largest providers of consumer privacy and security services, enabling users to protect themselves online. Check out the open job opportunities.

Are you ready to be the next cyber champion? 👇

Not playing? Don’t miss the thrill of HBG live and come to watch. Make sure to follow our Twitch channel to stay updated about the live event.

We will run a special giveaway for all the viewers attending the live stream! Make sure to join our Discord, look for the #battlegrounds, and leave your questions. The best ones will be picked by our Community Manager r0adrunn3r and sent directly to the streamers. 10 lucky winners will get a monthly VIP+ subscription! 

Let the battle begin,
HTB Team